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Bass Guitar Lessons Penrith. Find Bass Teacher Penrith. Music School Phone: 0414 934355 Private Lessons for Piano, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard & Drums.

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Electric Bass Guitar Lessons, music school penrith, learn to play electric bass guitar.

Bass lessons commence at around the age of twelve and are taught in any style of your choosing.
Electric bass requires a larger hand span so is recommended to be commenced when the student reaches the appropriate size.
Our music school bass teacher teaches you the style that you request, rock, pop, blues, jazz, country, latin, metal and all etc.
Whether you want to play in a band or just want some pointers. All students are taught to read standard music notation and tablature, music theory is part of all lessons. Lessons are one half hour private lesson per week, no groups. Instruction is also given in use of amps and pedals where applicable.

It is your choice what style of music you learn. Our teaching staff are classically trained, and are also full time working musicians in the music industry, performing on stage, in bands, recording studios, private functions (weddings etc). Our bass teacher is also our guitar teacher.

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