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Guitar Lessons, Penrith NSW, Electric Guitar Lessons, Accoustic Guitar Lessons. Qualified BMusA Guitar teacher specialising in all styles modern, rock, blues, jazz, pop, and classical guitar, all ages, beginner to advanced. 1st Lesson Free

Guitar Lessons for all guitar types:
Accoustic Guitar
-Nylon String (classical guitar)
-Steel String
Electric Guitar
Semi-Accoustic Guitar
12 String Guitar

And Guitar Playing types:
Rhythm Guitar
Lead Guitar
Finger Picking

All levels, beginner to advanced.
Adult beginners welcomed.
Shiftworkers welcomed.
Students with previous experience wishing to learn a new style or brush up on technique welcomed.

Lessons are available from 12 midday and up to 10pm weeknights for adult students.

Lessons for guitar are extremely limited. Parents wishing to book for new school term enrolments are advised to book BEFORE the start of the new school terms to avoid disappointment.

Our Guitar Teacher has a Bachelor Of Music Degree and is a Professional Guitar Teacher with years of experience. Many Schools only hire guitar "players" with no qualifications to teach you or your child, yet still charge you the same rate of fees for professional rates. Teaching is not a hobby skill. Some Schools will start your lessons with a qualified teacher, and then change your teacher soon after.
We GUARANTEE you will have the SAME teacher for all lessons at all times, with no exceptions.
We understand that you want to price compare for teaching services, but we ask you also to enquire of qualifications when comparing pricing.
Music School Tutors only hires qualified teachers with documentation for their instrument. Our Teachers are Registered with the AMEB and have a minimum qualification of a BACHELOR OF MUSIC DEGREE.

Your choice of style.

accoustic guitar lessons penrith
Accoustic Guitar.
accoustic guitar lessons penrith
classical Guitar.

Accoustic Guitar lessons in your choice of style, classical Guitar technique with your choice to study for AMEB graded classical examinations, or modern style accoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, fingerpicking, country, folk, blues, jazz, rock, latin and more.

Electric Guitar.

Electric Guitar lessons in your choice of style, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar or learn both. Learn your choice of style, including use of amplifiers, effects pedals, music reading, tablature and music theory..

blues guitar lessons
Blues Guitar.

Blues Guitar lessons. Learn to play the blues, beginner to advanced. Blues scales, modes, chords and techniques. Accoustic, electric, semi-accoustic guitar, music reading, tablature, music theory and blues theory.

learn jazz guitar lessons
Jazz Guitar.

Jazz Guitar lessons for the jazz musician, all jazz styles, jazz chord voicings, jazz progressions, scales, modes and more. Music reading, tablature, jazz theory and more...

learn rock guitar lessons
Rock Guitar.

Rock Guitar lessons in your choice of style, from pop to rock, 50s, 60s, 70s etc, Rhythm or Lead guitar or both, accoustic or electric. Learn rock guitar, music reading, tablature, modern rock theory, blues scales, pentatonic, modes and more....

Heavy rock and metal  guitar lessons
Hard Rock and Metal Guitar.

Hard Rock and Metal Guitar lessons for the hard rock enthusiast. Beginner to advanced. Amps and effects pedals, music reading, tablature, music theory and hard rock.


Our guitar teacher is not limited to only the above mentioned styles. Students may learn any style they wish, including those not mentioned above, such as Country, Folk, Latins, Gospel etc.

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All guitar students are taught according to their choice of style.
Correct technique is guaranteed.
All guitar students are taught standard music reading as well as tablature where applicable.
Music theory is taught as a standard part of all guitar lessons.

Learning from a professional guitarist will ensure you learn more, and sooner.
The most essential time to learn from a professional teacher is as a beginner.

Our music school also teaches Piano and keyboard.
Lessons can be arranged to co-incide at the same day and time for families with 2 or more students.

All lessons are private, one teacher, one student at a time. No Groups.

Please don't wait for the start of school terms to book or enrol as times may not be available.
Our guitar teacher has a BMUSA music degree.

Our guitar teacher is also our bass teacher.
for more information contact us

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Piano Lessons
DRUM Lessons

private music lessons

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