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We LOVE music. We live and breathe music. We enjoy music, and so do you. We WANT your child to love it too.
Music doesnt have to be a chore, or a pain. We teach your child using real music books, reading real music from day one. Our teaching staff love music, and the students can see that and experience it for themselves. They know we do.

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The absolute most important time to learn from a professional teacher is as a beginner. It's important that the student learn the correct techniques, sitting positions, hand positions, fingerings and reading techniques right at the beginning, if these things are not taught correctly the student could struggle for years to achieve competency, or may have a technique that is a major problem to repair.

It's also important that your child learns how to read for themselves, and knows what they are doing with every piece of work set. Memorisation of music is a good thing BUT not if the student cannot read to play.
We often enrol new students that have learnt an instrument for years but have no technique, cannot read, and know nothing about music theory. Unfortunately these students are usually only able to play the last song they learnt to memorise with a previous teacher.

Our music teachers have a good rapport with children of all ages, whether they are small children or teenagers. Our teaching staff have over thirty years experience in teaching children.

We use standard music, and teach correct music reading techniques. We teach each child appropriate to their age, and musical level.

Our students learn either classical instrument playing or modern style playing, either by their own choice, or by the parents if they are too young to decide.

Students choosing to study classical style piano or guitar are entered for graded examinations through the AMEB.

Learning modern style playing includes using songs that are current today. Many people believe that kids cant rock, but we can assure you they most certainly CAN and DO. We hear some really amazing playing from students of all ages.

We understand that your childs tastes in music are individual and we will work with you and your child to instruct them in their prefered instrument and style of playing.
Music does not have a strict genre, some children are happy to enter for classical exams and some are not. We have children that have their heart set on playing hard rock electric guitar, and others that dream of being piano players that perform in bands or as soloists.
We also understand your child needs more in their lives than just school study, sport, tv and computer games.
Learning a musical instrument improves language skills, maths skills, comprehension skills and co-ordination, and a lot more.

Homework shouldnt be a chore. Your child shouldnt hate any part of learning to play. If they do, theyre being taught the wrong instrument, the wrong style or by the wrong teacher! Over 90% of our students are under 18.

All students learn to read standard music notation and music theory is included in all lessons.
Lessons are a half hour private lesson, one teacher to one student at a time.
No groups.
Parents are WELCOME to sit in on lessons at all times. We also have waiting room facilities (and you can see and hear everything from there!)

Piano Lessons commence from the age of 6, guitar lessons from age 7, keyboard lessons from the age of 8, and bass guitar lessons from the age of twelve.

Piano Lessons at our music school are conducted on a full size concert grande piano. Guitar students are required to bring their own guitar to lessons. Keyboard students must bring their keyboard to the first lessons, and then may use the keyboard at the school for future lessons.
All students must have an instrument to practice on at home.

It is our aim to produce a future musician that is competent in playing any type or style of modern music and able to work in the music industry as soloists, or in bands.

Our teaching staff are classically trained and are also full time working musicians in the music industry, performing on stage, in bands, recording studios, private functions (weddings etc).

Parents with children under the age of ten are welcome to bring their child to meet the teacher before deciding on enrolling. (free). Please contact the music school to book a time when your teacher is free to meet you.
Our teaching staff are friendly and professional and communicate well with children. We understand that some children may feel intimidated, especially in a one on one private lesson. We're more than happy to have you bring your child to meet us.

Lessons can be arranged to co-incide, either at the same time for two separate instruments, or one after the other for the same instrument with the same teacher.

The music school enrols students in all weeks of the year and advises parents to enrol before the start of school terms. New school terms are our busiest times for new enrolments and places may not be available.
Lessons for guitar are almost fully booked.

Our Music school is close to shops, post office, bus, train and schools and has ONSITE offstreet parking.
Parents are welcomed to sit in on student lessons and a waiting room is available where you can see and hear your child at all times.

Our music school offers lessons for children in:

Guitar includes:
Electric Guitar
Accoustic Guitar
Rhythm Guitar
Lead Guitar
And all styles of playing.

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