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Music School tutors is a Music School with music school tutors for Piano, keyboard, electric guitar and accoustic guitar & Drum Lessons. Our Music School Tutors are classically trained and are music school tutors for both modern style and classical style music

The music school tutors provide private tutoring only, this means that all students are taught in individual lessons, one student and one teacher at a time. There are no group tuition sessions.

The music school tutors have been tutoring music for almost three decades, preparing students for AMEB classical examinations in both piano and guitar, and specialising in modern style music tutoring in instrumental playing, such as keyboards or the tuition in electric guitar styles, and use of effects pedals, as an example.

Music School Tutors

Our Music school tutors staff are experienced with modern digital instruments and are able to tutor the student in both music and the applications relevant to that instrument and current or prefered music.

The music schools tutoring staff are able to teach any style of music that the student wishes. All styles from rock, blues, jazz and etc etc etc.
Students enrolled in HSC music subjects are required to learn these modern styles as part of their carriculum, and our music school tutors have many high school students studying theory alone for their HSC.

Our music school tutoring staff are trained through the conservatorium of music (Sydney), and are full time musicians playing live and working in the music industry .

Music school tutors enrol students from the age of 6 for piano, 7 for guitar and 8 for keyboard. We welcome adult beginners with great enthusiasm.

Our tutoring staff are friendly and knowledgeable with an absolute love of music and dedication to music tutoring. For an insight into our rapport with our students, you might like to read some reviews from parents and students here: Reviews

Our music school has waiting room facilities for parents, you dont have to leave and come back to pick up your student.
Parents are able to see and hear their childs tutoring from the waiting room at all times.
Parents are also welcome to enter the lesson room and sit in on their childs tutoring at all times.

Our music tutors love music and love playing, we also love teaching. Its our goal to have you or your child playing just like us and loving it just as much.

Our music school is located in the city of Penrith, NSW. We're close to schools, train, bus, shops and have parking facilites onsite. Great for those who are bringing instruments with them!
As a note, guitar students must bring their own guitar but do not need to bring amps or leads as the music school supplies both amps and leads for student usage in the lesson rooms, as well as all stands and other equipment.

Please use the page links for more information about music tutoring, your choice of instrument or teachers, or phone the music school on the number provided on our contact page.

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